Feathered Gold Night Glow aka "Cinder"

BR Loxy of Feathered Gold x Nighthawk of Feathered Gold

GVHS Registered #GV03482 Filly Born May 6, 2014

Color DNA = EE

***Sold - Congratulations Rena in Wisconsin***











(Note the unique striping on Cinder's front leg.  She will have both black and white feather)


Above photos at 1 and 2 days old


Cinder's phenomenal sire, Nighthawk of Feathered Gold


Cinder's gorgeous dam, BR Loxy of Feathered Gold


Cinder's Paternal Great Grand Sire, The Midget Stallion


Cinder's Maternal Grandsire, The Rocking Horse


Cinder's Paternal, Granddam, The Tiffany Mare



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