Feathered Gold "Mocha" Swirl

Feathered Gold Ciara x Feathered Gold Tieg

GVHS GV00511F  Filly Born 04/11/2006

***SOLD - Congratulations to Becky and Greg of PA***


Photos taken at 1 year old.



Please click here for a video clip of Mocha.


Photos Below from Birth on


              Mocha just minutes after birth!                                            Mocha just after birth.  Nice black tail!


                   Mocha at 2 days old!                                                                 Mocha at one month old!



          Mocha grazing at 2 months old!                                                        Mocha at 6 weeks old!



Mocha at 3 months old!



         Mocha's sire, Feathered Gold "Tieg"

Now owned by Annette Bonnert (for bookings contact abonnert@frontiernet.net)

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