Feathered Gold Irish Rose

Roxanne x Feathered Gold Moe

GVHS Registered #GV02041F1

Filly Born 03/17/2011

Color DNA Test Results = Ee, Tt, aa

***Sold - Congratulations Hillary of Texas***

***Click here for Video of Irish Rose***


Confidence, conformation, style, beauty, grace, charisma, hair, feather....these words don't even begin to describe Irish Rose.  This girl is a looker who will turn heads everywhere she goes.  This horse will get you noticed in the show ring, on the trail, on the farm, or where ever you may be.  As an added bonus, she is sweet as can be, very laid back and willing to please.  She is GVHS registered and DNA Color Tested Hetrozygous for the tobiano (Tt) gene and Hetrozygous for the black color gene (Ee).   Priced at $10,000 until weaning.




Photos above at 2 weeks old

Photos Below at 9 days old



Photos below at 7 days old


Photos below at 6 days old


Photos below at 2 days old






Photos below at 1 day old 








Photos above at 1 day old

Photos Below at Minutes to Hours Old



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